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National Bankers Association Helps Minority-Owned Financial Institutions Build Stronger Communities for All

In a Nutshell: The racial wealth gap is a persistent feature in American society. Minority depository institutions (MDIs) have historically provided financial services to low-to-moderate income and minority communities. They act as a bulwark against disproportionate financial deterioration in lower-wealth communities during times of economic stress. As the nation’s chief MDI advocacy organization, the National Bankers Association … Read more

Commercial Bank of California is Committed to the Success of its Small Business Customers

In a Nutshell:  Commercial Bank of California (CBC) is the third largest bank headquartered in Orange County, California. The bank provides an array of solutions to small businesses. Its payment processing division services various businesses, including publicly traded companies. Employees of CBC complete thousands of hours of community service each year, and the bank is committed … Read more

Mastercard Loyalty Recognized for Helping Businesses Maximize Relationships With Customers

In a Nutshell:  Acquiring new customers can be much more expensive than retaining existing ones. Mastercard Loyalty works with businesses to develop programs that increase customer loyalty and engagement. Mastercard’s loyalty programs are customizable to meet the unique needs of companies worldwide. CardRates is recognizing Mastercard Loyalty with our Editor’s Choice™ Award for its commitment to helping … Read more

27% of Americans Plan to Open a New Credit Card This Year & Most Want Cash Back

Nearly 600 million credit card accounts recorded in the US as 2023 closed, and the average consumer has nearly four credit cards each. But every person has preferences for the types of accounts they carry, though some are restricted to what their credit score determines they qualify for. We commissioned a survey of more than … Read more

10 Most Respected Credit Unions in America for 2024

As not-for-profit member-owned financial cooperatives, credit unions exist to serve members and communities, not a limited corporate ownership class. The credit union ethos of people helping people takes many forms. This list of the 10 most respected credit unions in America reflects that. It demonstrates some of the many creative ways credit unions serve their … Read more

The Legal Strategist’s Handbook: Winning Strategies for Attorneys

In the dynamic world of law, attorneys often find themselves navigating a complex web of legal challenges, requiring not only legal acumen but also strategic thinking. “The Legal Strategist’s Handbook” is a compendium of winning strategies that guide attorneys in their pursuit of success. This article delves into key elements encapsulated in the handbook, offering … Read more

Navigating Legal Strategies in Mortgage Financing

Mortgage financing is a complex landscape, intertwined with legalities that borrowers and lenders must navigate. Understanding the legal strategies involved can be instrumental in securing favorable terms, protecting interests, and ensuring compliance with pertinent regulations. Here are key legal considerations in mortgage financing: Navigating the legal terrain of mortgage financing demands diligence, expertise, and a … Read more

Mastering the Craft: The Art of Mortgage Litigation

Mortgage litigation stands as a cornerstone of legal battles within the realm of real estate law. It involves navigating intricate legalities surrounding mortgage agreements, defaults, foreclosures, and disputes. Mastering the art of mortgage litigation demands a unique skill set and strategic approach. Here’s a glimpse into the nuances of this specialized legal arena: The art … Read more