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What is Credit Card Churning & Does it Affect My Credit?

here is no shortage of strategies to maximize the financial benefit of credit card accounts. Most of them are generally positive in nature, with little to no downside. But one strategy that threatens to damage your credit reports and credit scores, both short and long term, is the so-called credit card churning — and it … Read more

Yonder: Insurance That Protects Card Rewards Travelers and Generates Food Relief for Refugee Children

In a Nutshell: Many Americans don’t realize that their existing medical coverage does not protect them when they travel abroad. Yonder Travel Insurance works with leading insurance providers to help card rewards travelers choose a comprehensive policy that provides peace of mind during their adventures. The company follows up with seamless customer service for filing claims and … Read more

National Bankers Association Helps Minority-Owned Financial Institutions Build Stronger Communities for All

In a Nutshell: The racial wealth gap is a persistent feature in American society. Minority depository institutions (MDIs) have historically provided financial services to low-to-moderate income and minority communities. They act as a bulwark against disproportionate financial deterioration in lower-wealth communities during times of economic stress. As the nation’s chief MDI advocacy organization, the National Bankers Association … Read more

27% of Americans Plan to Open a New Credit Card This Year & Most Want Cash Back

Nearly 600 million credit card accounts recorded in the US as 2023 closed, and the average consumer has nearly four credit cards each. But every person has preferences for the types of accounts they carry, though some are restricted to what their credit score determines they qualify for. We commissioned a survey of more than … Read more

Safeguarding Integrity: The Attorney’s Role in Preventing Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud remains a persistent threat in the real estate industry, requiring vigilant measures to protect stakeholders from financial losses and legal entanglements. Attorneys play a crucial role in preventing mortgage fraud through proactive measures, meticulous scrutiny, and strategic guidance. Here’s an attorney’s comprehensive guide to preventing mortgage fraud: Preventing mortgage fraud demands a collaborative … Read more

The Insurance Code: Decoding the Secrets to Financial Protection

In the realm of personal finance, insurance is often perceived as a complex code, filled with intricacies and nuances that can be challenging to decipher. However, “The Insurance Code” is a guide dedicated to decoding these secrets, unraveling the mysteries of financial protection and empowering individuals to navigate the landscape of insurance with confidence. The … Read more