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10 Most Respected Credit Unions in America for 2024

As not-for-profit member-owned financial cooperatives, credit unions exist to serve members and communities, not a limited corporate ownership class. The credit union ethos of people helping people takes many forms.

This list of the 10 most respected credit unions in America reflects that. It demonstrates some of the many creative ways credit unions serve their constituencies.

It also gives consumers benchmarks against which to compare their personal financial institutions. Good things happen when people apply their minds and hearts to make a positive impact. Credit unions almost always win against competitors for that reason.

Alliant Credit Union

#1 Credit Union for Digital Services

As an all-digital institution, Alliant Credit Union dedicates resources to bridging the digital divide and bringing financial services to underserved people and communities.

The digital divide disproportionately impacts communities of color, people in rural areas, and family and student success. Alliant’s all-digital commitment fights against those trends.

Why We Love Alliant Credit Union

Alliant’s all-digital status means it doesn’t have brick-and-mortar branches, which lowers overhead and costs. Still, it provides exemplary service through award-winning online and mobile banking and access to 80,000 surcharge-free ATMs

Alliant earns our respect by providing an uncompromising all-digital experience to nearly 1 million members.

Key Stats

  • Year opened: 1935
  • Current members: 831,000
  • Full-time employees: 842
  • Assets: $18.9 billion

Consumers Credit Union

#1 Credit Union for Rewards Checking

Consumers Credit Union emphasizes cost savings in serving nearly 500,000 members. A prominent draw is the credit union’s Rewards Checking product.

Fee-free Rewards Checking at Consumers Credit Union pays up to 5% APY and offers direct deposit up to two days early.

Why We Love Consumers Credit Union

Many members use Rewards Checking at least daily. It’s an example of up-front product marketing at a credit union interested in having the most impact, not making the most profit.

Consumers Credit Union earns our respect by leading with its strengths in meeting member and community needs.

Key Stats

  • Year opened: 1930
  • Current members: 219,000
  • Full-time employees: 510
  • Assets: $3.4 billion

Patelco Credit Union

#1 Credit Union for Charitable Giving

Credit unions are well-known for charitable giving, but Patelco Credit Union stands out. Its corporate giving and outreach philosophy focuses on meeting basic needs, addressing hunger, housing, and children’s health.

For example, Patelco has donated $130,000 to partner food banks and encourages employees to volunteer to combat food insecurity.

Why We Love Patelco Credit Union

Patelco also raises funds for the famous St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®. It raised more than $600,000 in 2023 and plans to exceed that number in 2024.

Patelco Credit Union earns our respect by living up to the people-serving-people ethos of credit unions through charitable giving.

Key Stats

  • Year opened: 1936
  • Current members: 490,000
  • Full-time employees: 832
  • Assets: $9.5 billion

America First Credit Union

#1 Credit Union for Employee Volunteerism

America First Credit Union first employee was a volunteer, so it’s appropriate that volunteerism plays a significant role at the credit union today.

The credit union invites employees to volunteer through its charitable foundation, which operates the Greater Good program to enrich the lives of those in neighboring communities.

Why We Love America First Credit Union

The Greater Good motivates credit union staff to donate time and resources to the communities where they live.

We respect that employee volunteerism is a prominent part of the credit union’s community commitment.

Key Stats

  • Year opened: 1939
  • Current members: 1.36 million
  • Full-time employees: 3,082
  • Assets: $19.1 billion

Service Credit Union

#1 Credit Union for Market-Leading Rates

The credit union ownership structure funnels earnings back to members and communities instead of corporate stakeholders as profit. Service Credit Union features market-leading rates and promotes savings across the board.

Rates for savings accounts, checking accounts, certificates, auto loans, and personal loans are among the best in financial services.

Why We Love Service Credit Union

Offering favorable rates on essential financial products is standard at credit unions.

Service Credit Union’s emphasis on great rates on products that help members, families, and communities succeed earns our respect.

Key Stats

  • Year opened: 1957
  • Current members: 356,000
  • Full-time employees: 862
  • Assets: $5.5 billion

Bethpage Federal Credit Union

#1 Credit Union for Home Loans

The American Dream of homeownership sometimes turns into a nightmare, depending on economic ups and downs.

Bethpage Federal Credit Union evens the homeownership playing field by offering mortgages, refinance loans, and home equity loans that open opportunities for nearly 500,000 members.

Why We Love Bethpage Federal Credit Union

Owning a home is like managing a savings account you can live in.

Bethpage Federal Credit Union earns our respect by making the American Dream of homeownership more accessible to members because it improves the economy for everyone.

Key Stats

  • Year opened: 1941
  • Current members: 461,000
  • Full-time employees: 773
  • Assets: $13 billion


#1 Credit Union for Member Savings

BCU judges its success on how it helps members reach their goals. It passes savings to members in many ways. Adding up the savings available at BCU produces an impressive total of more than $6,600 annually.

The credit union supports communities, educates members and consumers, and encourages business growth.

Why We Love BCU

Using BCU credit cards, checking, savings, and loan products together compounds member savings. That’s money members can use to pursue their dreams.

BCU earns our respect by making the savings it offers easy to understand.

Key Stats

  • Year opened: 1980
  • Current members: 349,000
  • Full-time employees: 820
  • Assets: $5.9 billion

GreenState Credit Union

#1 Credit Union for Auto Loans

Transportation access is crucial to realize the potential inherent in employment and education. Things fall apart when you don’t have a car to get where you need to go.

GreenState Credit Union encourages car ownership through low-rate loans that require no down payment and offer skip-a-payment services.

Why We Love GreenState Credit Union

GreenState Credit Union offers loan and auto rebate calculators to help members budget for car ownership.

We respect that the credit union goes above and beyond to help members realize the American Dream of self-improvement.

Key Stats

  • Year opened: 1938
  • Current members: 448,000
  • Full-time employees: 873
  • Assets: $11.2 billion

PenAir Credit Union

#1 Credit Union for Financial Wellness

Many credit unions dedicate significant resources to promote community and member financial wellness. PenAir Credit Union NOW financial wellness campaign brings competition to the process.

NOW is a seven-month-long competition that helps participants understand basic finances, balance a budget, and manage a credit score. Each team has the chance to win the grand prize of $10,000.

Why We Love PenAir Credit Union

Learning new skills requires dedication to prioritize education over other responsibilities. PenAir earns our respect by incentivizing financial wellness with prize money.

It’s a great way to promote community well-being.

Key Stats

  • Year opened: 1936
  • Current members: 126,000
  • Full-time employees: 356
  • Assets: $2.9 billion

Randolph-Brooks Credit Union

#1 Credit Union for Financial Education

Randolph Brooks Credit Union understands that community financial education takes many forms. It leaves no stone unturned in offering online and in-person options to help people learn to manage money.

It presents financial seminars in the community, offers online counseling through GreenPath Financial Wellness, and operates a Security & Fraud Center to help members and consumers stay safe online.

Why We Love Randolph-Brooks Credit Union

Credit unions take financial education seriously because it’s part of their mission.

Randolph-Brooks Credit Union earns our respect by investing time and resources to help people help themselves.

Key Stats

  • Year opened: 1952
  • Current members: 1.1 million
  • Full-time employees: 2,384
  • Assets: $17.9 billion

If you’ve ever doubted that your financial services provider has your best interests at heart, you may need to switch to a credit union.

This list of America’s 10 most respected credit unions highlights institutions that go above and beyond to help members, consumers, and communities.

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